Tarot Card Readings

I offer one-on-one card readings for clients who may either be facing specific challenges they wish to understand, or simply for those who are seeking general guidance or clarity about broader areas such as work, life path, relationships, success, etc.

Tarot sessions typically last between 45-60 minutes, and I offer these in person in Bangalore, or via telephone or Whatsapp. If you would like to understand more of how this works or would like to schedule a reading, please reach out to me via the Contact Form and I will get in touch with you.


I began to be curious and interested in learning to read Tarot Cards thanks to my friend, and prolific card reader herself, Darpan, who generously offered them to me as a tool to aid my self-development journey. I have since had a growing  growing  a to fine-tune my intuition and get a deeper sense of my mind, body and emotions.

A tarot card reading can be a good way to reflect on an issue, pattern or situation in your life that you may be currently facing. It acts as a mirror held up to your own mind and heart, to reflect how you feel in a visual way, and can often encourage a shift in how you perceive or view your reality.

While I draw from my learnings in psychology, family constellations and behaviour sciences, along with the mysticism and wisdom of the Tarot, it is important to understand that a tarot card reading cannot replace therapy. I do not use the cards to make predictions or for fortune telling. Instead, I use them as a guidance tool to help understand myself and my inner and outer worlds more keenly.

As with Family Constellations, my wanting to share Tarot Cards with others seeking a similar path, was spurred by how deeply my life has been touched by them. Since studying Family Constellations, my tarot practice has deepened from being informed by many of the philosophies and principles I have grasped along this journey. When combined, they offer richer, more holistic insights into who we are and how the experiences we may face are affected by who we are in our families.