About me

I am Revati Upadhya. I am a writer, practitioner of Family Constellations and tarot card reader. I am interested in using my learnings and skills across these fields to work with people seeking alignment, balance, harmony and flow between their inner and outer worlds.

My journey with Family Constellations and reading Tarot Cards came to be as an extension of my own seeking to understand myself better. The years I have spent studying family constellations, and deepening my work with tarot, are a reflection of the evolution I have experienced in my own personal development that has been profoundly touched by the philosophies of Bert Hellinger, as well as the other psychological and behaviour sciences I have been exposed to. This knowing has made me want to share this work with others on a similar path or seeking.

I have found this to be a tremendously freeing process and journey in finding alignment, balance and flow in my own life, and I am keen to offer this work through different channels that enable healing through sessions and workshops, conversation and discussion, and safe spaces for exploration of one’s inner and outer worlds and all that this process may bring to the surface.


I offer individual, one on one sessions in Family Constellations as well as Tarot Card readings (and sometimes use them in combination with one another) for clients who wish to get a deeper understanding of challenges they may be facing, are seeking clarity and grounding, or want another way to get in touch with their deeper selves.

I work online, and across timezones so am open to taking on clients from across the world. I am open to meeting clients if they are based in Bangalore, on a case to case basis. Please contact me if you’d like to explore either of these options.

You can reach me via the Contact Form to discuss or get more information about any of these offerings. Please also check upcoming offerings for workshops in your city, or current offers for Tarot Card readings.